Established in Singapore in 1941, Cheng Meng Furniture Group (Pte.) Ltd. Is a pioneer in the interior fit out industry, producing custom designed furniture and luxury interiors.

Cheng Meng has an impressive portfolio of successful local and overseas projects commissioned by a wide spectrum of clients ranging from designers & architects, hoteliers, international commercial and residential developers as well as government agencies.

For more than 79 years, Cheng Meng has consistently upheld the highest reputation in delivering high quality custom-made furniture and exquisite interior fit-outs to hotels, corporate offices, banks, restaurants, high end residences, public buildings and even cruise ships and the Eastern Orient Express luxury train.

Having an illustrious lineage, Cheng Meng is equipped with world acclaimed expertise and global resources to take on projects they are assigned with and to quickly react to a project’s needs anywhere in the world.


As a “Business of Principles”, Cheng Meng strives to build the best business relationships, providing maximum benefit to both client and supplier. To Cheng Meng, a business can only prosper in the long term if it understands this fundamental principle of doing good business. Not only does Cheng Meng honour its tradition of craftsmanship, quality and value, it also values integrity and honesty because to them, a good reputation makes a prosperous business.

Cheng Meng takes pride in its reputation for customised manufacturing, superior craftsmanship, uncompromising standards and service, innovative methodologies and professionally executed project management services, which they believe differentiate them from the rest.


Cheng Meng, A trusted name for premium quality furniture and interior fittings.


To cultivate good relationships with our customers with good quality and on time completion.

To build and maintain a happy and conducive working environment for all.

To understand all aspects of costs as to achieve good profitability.